Violation Reporting System (Whistleblowing System)

In order to establish cooperation in disclosing conflicts of interest and mutual respect, SME Finance Indonesia expects support employees, partners and customers to achieve the goals as A trusted company in providing high quality services, appropriate risk management and resource management. SME Finance Indonesia provides a violation reporting system through Email: [email protected] or by filling out the form on the Violation Reporting System page. For this reason, it is expected cooperation and active role of employees, suppliers and customers and partners in the form of submitting reports of violation information, if any relating to our company there are things as follows:

  1. Corruption and Bribery
  2. Illegal Levies and Extortion
  3. Theft and Embezzlement of Assets
  4. Abuse of Authority
  5. Information leak

Report can be sent via Email: [email protected] by stating the identity of the reporter or by filling in the form on Violation Reporting System page. Anonymous reporting is allowed but not recommended. By providing disclosure reports the violation means that employees, partners and customers have help SME Finance Indonesia has played an active role in implement "Good Corporate Governance" so that it can be maintained long-term business continuity. Protection for Top Reporters a report that is proven to be true, SME Finance Indonesia will provide protection for reporters. Protection for reporters covers:

  1. Guarantee the confidentiality of the reporter's identity and the contents of the report submitted
  2. Guarantee of protection against treatment that is detrimental to the complainant
  3. Guaranteed protection against possible threats, intimidation, punishment or unpleasant action from the reported party

Thank you for your good cooperation.

Warm Regards,
Internal Audit

Please fill out the form below to report the violation related to SME Finance Indonesia.

SME Finance Indonesia will provide protection for the top reporters report that has been proven correct.

Violation Reporting Form